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Meeting 10:30 a.m. Sundays

10222 101 Ave
(Golden Age Center)
Grande Prairie, AB

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The Restore 2012 summer conference with Douglas Wilson was well received. You can download audio of the sessions from the "Special Events" tab of our audio page.

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Welcome home.

Ever since the fall of Adam and Eve, people have become dislocated, alienated, alone. Sin separates us, makes us suspicious of others, and causes us to seek to be seen as superior to others.

The gospel of Jesus Christ is a declaration of good news. News of belonging - belonging to Jesus, the One whose love is so great that it led Him to give up His own life - and belonging to His people, His new community that He is teaching recovery from alienation.

At Christ Covenant Church, we are many things, and perfect is not one of them. We are, however, committed to "one anothering," of living together as a community being made new as sons and daughters of God - and thus, as brothers and sisters of one another.

Join the family of Christ. It's time to belong.

Welcome home.

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Christ Covenant Church of Grande Prairie

Reformational and catholic faith

Christ Covenant is a Bible-believing community that eagerly embrace the historic Christian faith as articulated in the early creeds and the Reformational confessions.

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Time-tested liturgy

We understand the Church to be "catholic" - meaning, universal. It is not up to us to reinvent it or seek after all sorts of novelties to keep worship "interesting." Rather, we at Christ Covenant believe that the service of worship passed down through the ages, with its rich biblical content and life-shaping ritual, is inherently relevant for mind, body and soul.

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Whole family participation

We include our children as full members of Christ's body, not so much by developing segregated programs which stress the differences between them and older members, but by including them in the things that make the church the church. Our children participate with the rest of the congregation in all aspects of worship, including the Lord's Supper.

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When human beings fell away from God into sin and rebellion, everything was affected - all human life was spoiled, and the whole of human life was spoiled. Every human being was now incapable of living in a properly human way - in the way that God the Creator intended for His creatures.

Jesus Christ is Lord of all, and comes to bring healing "as far as the curse is found." Therefore, we don't want to simply be closeted off as people who worship God in secret. Our goal is to live, in every area of life, in the healing Christ has brought to us and promised us, and to share that healing with others, through our words and our deeds.

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Our calendar is temporarily suspended. Do note that we usually enjoy a fellowship meal after the church service on the last Sunday of each month. You can also get information for many of our events by contacting Bonita Callahan at 780 532-9867.

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