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"Now there are varieties of gifts, but the same Spirit; and there are varieties of service, but the same Lord; and there are varieties of activities, but it is the same God who empowers them all in everyone."

CCC News - August 2006 (Early Archive)

church news for week ending August 29, 2006

Council meeting summary

All officebearers were present at the council meeting of August 21, 2006. Highlights:

  1. Council worked on the application to join the CREC, discussing required information as requested by Langley and the presbytery moderator.
  2. Council agreed upon a draft of a declaration of incorporation to present to the church's lawyer for his perusal and advice.
  3. A service participation schedule for September prepared by council chairman Mr George Plante was received and agreed upon.
  4. It was decided that Mr Wattel, Mr Soles, and Mr Gallant will attend the ministerial conference in Moscow, ID (October 23-25) and the presbytery in Snohomish, WA (October 26-27) this fall. Upon the recommendation of the chairman, it was decided that the church would pay expenses.
  5. Next meeting will take place on Monday, September 11, 2006.

audio coming

Our digital recorder arrived this week. We hope to begin recording our services this Sunday. These will be posted on the audio page (under the "resources" heading in the menu at right) of this web site. We also plan on using the recorder in connection with learning new songs as a congregation.

posted August 26, 2006

picnic; prayer request

First annual Christ Covenant Church picnic

Our first annual picnic is upcoming this Saturday at Heritage Park in Sexmith. We will commence at 3 p.m. Please bring a salad and dessert to share, and your own meat. Plates, utensils, and juice will be supplied. For more info, please contact Yolanda Wattel.

Prayer request

As of last week, Val Soles's mother is now permanently wheelchair-bound. The family is trying to get her into McKenzie Place, but there is a waiting list of considerable duration (apparently 2-3 months). The extra care now necessary is presenting the family with logistical challenges; please pray for wisdom and guidance for them, as well as comfort for her.


Constitution accepted

At our congregational meeting on July 30, the proposed constitution was accepted unanimously by the congregation. It is now posted to the left (see the "further info" section of our menu) in pdf format. The adoption of a local church constitution is one necessary step toward official organization as well as acceptance into the CREC. Thank God for our progress and the spirit of unity among us.

Council meeting summary

Council met Monday, July 31. All council members were present. A short summary follows:

  • With the approval of the constitution, Mr Wattel can now contact the church lawyer for completion of the incorporation setup for the church. The constitution will also be sent to Langley and other interested parties, as well as being posted on the web site.
  • A wish list of items that would be helpful to be in the church's possession will be created.
  • Church education was discussed. We will be looking at Rev Bill DeJong's materials, which he has promised to send. In addition, music instruction will be instituted, commencing August 13. Mr Soles will be teaching us songs from the Cantus Christi book which we are not familiar with, as well as other sound biblical songs (including, but not limited to, renderings of psalms not present in the Cantus).
  • Next meeting will be August 21.


Once again, we have a number of people on the road. We are thankful to report that the Callahans arrived back safely on Monday. Mrs Gallant flew to Saskatchewan on Wednesday with her daughter Ruth and granddaughter Erin to visit family; she will return next Thursday. This Saturday, Jamie Soles will be travelling to Moscow, Idaho for Trinity Fest, taking with him his four eldest children and Crystal Wattel. Beth Pierog has had a holiday in British Columbia; and the Plantes leave this weekend for their vacation. Please remember all of these brothers and sisters in thanksgiving and supplication.

posted August 3, 2006

Looking for older news? See our news archives (they begin with May 2006).

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