Christ Covenant Churchof Grande Prairie

MAKING OUR WAY TOGETHER. A community of Jesus journeying in the light.

Welcome home.

Ever since the fall of Adam and Eve, people have become dislocated, alienated, alone. Sin separates us, makes us suspicious of others, and causes us to seek to be seen as superior to others.

The gospel of Jesus Christ is a declaration of good news. News of belonging — belonging to Jesus, the One whose love is so great that it led him to give up his own life — and belonging to his people, his new community that he is teaching recovery from alienation.

At Christ Covenant Church, we are many things, and perfect is not one of them. We are, however, committed to “one anothering,” of living together as a community being made new as sons and daughters of God — and thus, as brothers and sisters of one another.

Join the family of Christ. It’s time to belong.

Welcome home.

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